Privacy policy

Last modification: September 2014

COLLECTION AND PROCESSING OF PERSONAL DATA.- In accordance with provisions laid down by the law 15/1999, 13th of December, about the protection of personal data, we advise that the personal data gathered in this Website will be added to a file owned by CAP ROCAT HOTEL, S.L., with address at Ctra. d’Enderrocat s/n, 07609 Cala Blava (Balearic Islands), Spain.
Overall, the entry form fields that are found in this Website and those marked as mandatory, must be dully filled due to the correct process of your request.

  •  CONTACT AND FEEDBACK FORMS: The personal data gathered through this forms will be used to process your application, attend your suggestions or complaints, as well as improve the quality of the website and of our services.
The data gathered through this processes, alongside the logs generated by this action (data such as IP address, date, language or the chosen navigation tour), will be treated to process your application, as well as for the control, administrative and economical management with our relationship with customers, the quality control and the consideration of possible claims.
For the possible scenarios where there might be penalties due to cancellations or no shows in the conditions of the chosen rate, you consent that the necessary personal data will be transferred to correspondent bank entities commissioned to process the collection of the deposit.
In case that your reservation contains external services provided by third parties, the specific personal data needed to effect this reservation will be transferred to the aforementioned parties.
2. PROCESSING OF THE DATA FOR COMMERCIAL PURPOSES.- If you have stated on the moment of providing your personal data or if you have subscribed to our newsletter, your data will be used with commercial purposes, mostly through electronic media, about products and services of Cap Rocat Hotel. At a moment´s notice, you might revoke your consent to receive this commercial communications as we mention in the section called “Subject´s rights”.
3. THIRD-PARTY DATA.- On the case of providing personal data owned by a third party, you express that you have the consent of the aforementioned company, having previously informed of the content of this private policy.
4. COOKIES AND NAVIGATION DATA.- The cookies that we use are anonymous and do not allow us to identify a specific user. We use cookies of technical nature needed to be able to offer the services that the users demand, for example, to allow the system to store the information needed to continue each step of the reservations process. We also use analytic cookies that allow us to measure and analyze the activity throughout the website and to elaborate different user profiles. This cookies are used to gather anonymous statistics, to allow us to understand the consumer´s behaviour on the website with the purpose of improving the usability of the website. This cookies are used to gather anonymous statistics. In the event of using our website without proceeding to the deactivation of the cookies on its browser, you are manifesting your consent on the installation of the aforementioned cookies. More information about the cookies used on this website can be found in our cookie policy found in our home page.
5. SUBJECT´S RIGHTS.- The data subjects will be able to exercise their rights of access, rectification and deletion by addressing any competent authority involved in a request, accompanying  a copy oy your ID and addressing the letter to CAP ROCAT HOTEL, S.L., en Ctra. d’Enderrocat s/n, 07609 Cala Blava (Balearic Islands), Spain.
To request to be disenrolled on the databse with commercial purposes you can send an email to the following email address:
6. UPGRADE ON THE PRIVACY POLICY.- We reserve the right to upgrade our privacy policy at any time for strategic reasons, and to comply with the legal and legislative modifications.
Every time that we modify substantially our privacy policy, we will publish a notice on our website, and, whenever possible through the inclusion of a notification on the most meaningful communication channels established with the users. In any case, whenever would be needed the consent of the user according to the current legislation, we will enable the corresponding protocols for its gathering.
If you have doubts or need to clarify any of the aspects of our Privacy Policy or the processing of your data, you can contact us on the email address mentioned above.