Sustainable initiatives

Our commitment to the environment
At Cap Rocat we are highly aware of the heritage and natural wealth of the enclave where we are located. Therefore, every year we strengthen our commitment to Ondine (association that looks after the marine conservation of the Balearic Islands) to support this cause that allows the sea to recover its rich biodiversity.
Cap Rocat is located in a protected area, having the privilege of enjoying the waters of the marine reserve of the Bay of Palma. An area known for its posidonia, a species of seaweed endemic to the Mediterranean Sea that plays a vital role, helping in the oxygenation and purification of the waters, composing in itself an ecosystem rich in biodiversity and at the same time being an important area for the breeding of many marine species.
Furthermore, at Cap Rocat we have set the goal of generating zero plastic waste by the end of 2019. With this commitment we aim to reduce the ecological footprint while continuing to implement sustainable initiatives through waste reduction.
This measure translates into the replacement of some elements used in certain areas of the hotel such as glasses, plates, straws, bottles and cosmetic containers in the amenities, by different biodegradable materials.
The objective Zero Plastic reinforces our commitment with the environment and especially with our ecosystem, declared Natural Area of Special Interest in which we defend its flora and fauna since the opening of Cap Rocat. 
In our restaurants, we continue adding initiatives to improve the sustainability policy, such as our commitment to use products that have a lower impact on the environment -which means the search for the best organic products available in the island-, KM0 products as much as we can, and the use of seasonal products that have always been the base at both La Fortaleza and Sea Club.
In addition, at Cap Rocat we have joined the WHOLE WORLD WATER initiative, an innovative campaign in partnership with UNHCR -United Nations Agency for Refugees- in which we donate 10% of the incom from the sale of water to UNHCR.